R&D Division

“To create a people-friendly and prosperous future”, that’s what our technology is for. Our engineers visit customers in domestic and international markets in order to listen to their opinions. Then their voices are reflected in our development and design. We are creating new values which innovates our society with our technology and development skills that have been accumulated over many years.

Sharing customer's dream together

With our basic philosophy of "Quality", we take our customer's point of view and develop "safe and reliable" products, working closely with related departments.


Mass production

We develop and design products with the necessary functions for our customers. The products are made eco-friendly, user-friendly, safe, durable and easy to maintain.

Custom-made products

We create variety of made-to-order products as envisioned by our customers, from civil engineering machines to production equipment equipped with electronic control. We meet the diversifying market needs with our high technical skills.

New products

To create products beyond our imagination while catching the market needs, we spare no effort on development and design. We create attractive products with a fusion of needs and seeds.


We aim to contribute to global environmental protection through product development and design which reduces environmental impact in the product life cycle and lessen environmental impact by recycling.


Complying to environmental regulations in each country

We create products taking into consideration the strict environmental regulations in each country, by choosing low impact material and components, corresponding to the latest emission regulations, and equipping machines with energy saving functions controlled by hydraulic and electric systems.

Creating new values

We create new values by developing new products, or adding new values to existing products and custom-made products. We approach social issues from chemical, IT and electric control points of view.


Chemical field

We aim to make products that contribute to the realization of a power-saving society. Mass production of heat-resistant bonding material (alloy fine powder) for electronic control equipment is one of the most successful examples.


We acknowledge that ICT technology is an effective tool to "improve efficiency" , "eliminate waste" , and "save energy" , and we aim to build a new service and create new products using Linux, wireless, camera and image processing.

Electronic control field

We aim to make attractive products in both quality and cost by building the complete system internally, not only hardware but also software or electronic circuit design.



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